Carpet Cleaning

Technician Cleaning Carpet

Providing emergency carpet drying and cleaning services for both Residential and Commercial Properties.

Did a flood soak your carpeting? Our high quality carpet drying and cleaning process will keep your floors looking better for longer and improve your indoor air quality. At ProRestoration Services Inc., we provide professional carpet drying and cleaning services throughout Bakersfield, CA and surrounding communities.

A little bit of water damage is not something to overlook. Excessive moisture in your carpets can promote the growth of mold and bacteria, lower your indoor air quality, and lead to cracks in foundations and deteriorate structural supports.

We have specialized carpet drying techniques depending on whether your carpeting is wet from fresh water or rain water.

Carpet Drying: Fresh Water Process

  1. After all the wet areas have been located
  2. We extract water from the carpet and the pad
  3. We then apply disinfectant and anti-microbial (when necessary)
  4. Next, we dry the carpet, structure and the pad
  5. If necessary, we will re-stretch the carpet
  6. We complete the process by thoroughly cleaning the carpet.

Carpet Drying: Rain Water Process

  1. Once all the wet areas have been located,
  2. We extract the water from the carpet
  3. Next, we remove and get rid of the damaged pad
  4. We always apply disinfectant and anti-microbial
  5. We dry the carpet and structure in place and remove damage if necessary
  6. We then replace the pad and re-stretch the carpet
  7. The process is completed when the carpet has been thoroughly cleaned.