Structural Drying

We provide efficient structural drying services including wall, hardwood and cabinetry drying.

Wall Drying Process

If water damage ruined your property, call us for fast structural drying. Our efficient wall drying services utilize an innovative process called cavity drying. We have the state-of-the-art wall drying equipment to completely dry out your walls.

  1. We locate all the wet areas on the wall and mark them
  2. Next, we install the wall drying system
  3. When the walls are completely dry
  4. We clean up our materials

Hardwood Drying Process

Was your hardwood flooring ruined due to water damage? At ProRestoration Services Inc. in Bakersfield, CA, we are hardwood drying experts.

  1. We start with locating and marking the areas on the floor that need drying
  2. Next, we extract all the excess water
  3. Then we install and secure the drying equipment and mats
  4. We then install a dehumidifier to capture excess moisture in the air as the floor is drying.

Cabinet Drying Process

We are also licensed and efficiently equipped to offer you cabinet drying services of the highest standard. Our experts have the technical expertise as well as the experience to handle any project. Our professional cabinet drying services utilize a special process.

  1. Once all the wet areas on the cabinet have be located
  2. We install our cabinet drying equipment
  3. We then monitor the drying process until the material is dry